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Sacred Sounds Sound Meditation w/ Jonathan De Leon

In this special ALL levels event participants will be guided through a series of seated listening and breathing techniques (designed to significantly reduce stress, increase focus and concentration, as well as motivate new levels of awareness and insight) followed by a Tibetan singing bowl and gong sound meditation where one can simply lie back, relax, and listen in an environment intended to support, strengthen, and cultivate our own inner sense of well-being.

Benefits of a Sound Meditation practice:

- Dramatically reduces stress
- Improves sleep
- Increases ability to focus & concentrate
- Improves memory & cognition
- Heightens creativity & imagination
- Develops a greater sense of willpower & self-control
- Helps build greater self-esteem & self-confidence
- Increases conscientiousness & compassion toward others
- Boosts the immune system
- Decreases symptoms of depression, anxiety, and ADHD

A one of a kind combination of highly specialized sound instruments will be used, consisting of:

- 16 authenticated ancient Tibetan singing bowls
- 38" Paiste planetary Sun gong

All Tibetan bowls are amplified by a stereo quality sound system to create the most immersive sound meditation experience for you possible!


Class Tickets - $25


What to bring: 
- Yoga (or similar size/type) Mat

- Eye Pillow 

- Small blanket
- Yoga block and/or Yoga bolster or Pillow for added comfort

These all make for optimal comfort so there can be as little physical discomfort/distraction as possible from receiving what this experience has to offer.

*Please plan on arriving between 5-10 minutes early to select and set up your space (limited space)


Class Instructor Bio:

For the past 7 years, Jonathan De Leon has been working with Tibetan singing bowls and gongs at various yoga studios, retreat, wellness, and medical centers throughout CA to assist others toward their own personal growth and practice of meditation. With these ancient instruments, he seeks to create peaceful and soothing soundscapes that provide an ideal environment from which to practice meditation and cultivate the skills necessary for maintaining one's own personal sense of happiness and well-being.

For more info about the class instructor, please visit Jonathan's Facebook page at:

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