Our teachers are certified, which means they’ve been trained with asana alignment, movement anatomy, and methodical sequencing. They have experienced the benefits of yoga and are eager to meet you where you are at on your journey.



Yin Yoga
Strength Training

I began my Yoga journey over ten years ago as way to challenge myself physically and get into better physical health. It has taken some time, but what began as a physical routine slowly evolved into a practice of patience, self acceptance, and healing. After experiencing the gifts of Yoga and Mediation I felt compelled to share it with others, so I decided to try another path along my journey, teaching. I can wait to practice with you. Just follow your breath, your rhythm and let go.




I took my first yoga class at the age of 18 and fell in love instantly. The concept of a mind, body and spirit connection was enlightening. Taking a class here and there was a safe escape for me and a healthy way to keep anxiety under control and the physical benefits always led me coming back for more. I finally decided to follow my passion on the mat with intent to give back to others what this practice has given to me and thrilled to be a part of the UY team that serves their community so graciously.



Corrective Exercise
Personal Training

Yoga truly changed my life. Over 10 years ago, I decided to take a semester of yoga at Mt. Sac; I remember the exact moment, leaving class one day, when I knew Yoga would always be a part of my life. It led me to inner peace as well as my health and fitness career. And as a certified corrective exercise specialist, I know yoga will aid you're own personal journey to make your life whole and complete! It is my passion to share yoga and holistic health with my friends, my community and the world! Namaste!



Corrective Yoga
Smart Sequencing
Prenatal & Mama+Me

My yoga journey began over a decade ago when I became a member of my local gym. Drawn to all the group fitness classes, I decided to give yoga a try. My curiosity and competitive spirit kept bringing me back as I learned to tackle the more advanced postures. What began as a physical practice transformed into a mental, emotional, & spiritual practice stirring me towards stillness, peace, self-acceptance, and compassion towards others. Completely inspired, I became a teacher with a desire to share my passion for yoga to others with a personal mission to educate, encourage, and empower the heart, mind, & body leading to the opening of this very studio. Forever changed & grateful to God my hope is that you will experience the many gifts that yoga has to offer. 


Rhythm & Dance

I began my yoga journey over 5 years ago when I walked into my local gyms' group yoga class. As a professional dancer, I was drawn to the connection of movement, stretching, and overall promotion of wellness that yoga provides. What began as a new way to work out became so much more meaningful to me as the years went by. Yes, yoga challenged me physically but more importantly, it challenged me mentally and spiritually. The connection of mind, body, and spirit that yoga provided was something that I never found anywhere else. Through yoga I have been able to find a deep sense of understanding and peace, an eagerness to learn, endless potential for growth, and a stronger sense of connection with myself, others, and my Creator. Now, I encourage everyone and anyone to practice yoga because, well, it truly is for everyone and anyone! Come join me in the beautiful and fulfilling journey towards peace, healing, empowerment.



Strength training
Vinyasa flow
Inversions & backbends

I started practicing yoga at 14 because of an injury. I found it soothing and I liked how sweaty I could get by “simply stretching” plus it helped my back heal and get stronger. After 10 years of practice I discovered that yoga is so much more than stretching. In 2015 I decided I wanted to pursue teaching yoga because of the impact my teachers had on me. I bring a fun and lightheartedness to my classes. I believe that yoga should be fun and challenging at the same time. I invite you to flow with me, get a little sweaty, and laugh during the practice! 



Vinyasa Flow
Mama & Me

My yoga journey began in 2001 when I stepped into an old historic walk-up building that housed a small yoga studio on the second floor. Rays of sunlight illuminated the room through the open windows and I felt, for the first time, the collective positive energy and focus that engulfed the space. Yoga would come in and out of my life over the years that followed. During my second pregnancy, I began taking prenatal yoga classes which re-ignited my passion for the practice. Three months after my son was born, I began my transformative YTT. I truly believe that yoga can play a vital role in a person’s mental, physical and emotional well being. It’s a tool for strength building, reflection, focus, self-healing and builds community. I am so excited to share my passion and knowledge of yoga with people of all ages as we learn, heal and grow together.




I originally fell in love with yoga on the ocean bluffs of Long Beach. I became an enthusiastic supporter of the “free yoga” movement. With a classical training my approach to teaching yoga asana is one that focuses on allowing the student to experience a practice in a way that serves him or her most.  I strives to guide without interfering letting the magic of yoga transform and heal. I have a passion for studying the sutras and sharing yoga philosophy. 



I became curious about yoga after a breast cancer diagnosis in 2004. My personal journey was guided by the determination to empower myself to be my own best advocate during treatment and beyond breast cancer. I have always been physically active with sports, dance and gym work outs. I knew my physical and emotional well being needed a more holistic approach and I discovered the healing benefits of yoga! Yoga and meditation facilitate the mind, body, and spirit connection, are an antidote to stress, and help me find my voice. I am a life-long learner and it's important to me to continue to grow and evolve. Even as a teacher, I am a student of yoga. I want to share the gift of yoga and it's healing practice. Yoga is for everyone and promotes courage on and off the mat! My hope is that my students feel welcome and supported in a nourishing community. Together, we will learn to pause, practice self care, be present, mindful and BREATHE.




I started taking yoga while I was pregnant with my second son. It was one of the best decisions for my pregnancy and life! I was so moved by what yoga did for me I decided I wanted to teach and share that same power with everyone. I love to break the stereotypes of who can do yoga, because frankly we all could use yoga, there is no one perfect "body" for yoga. Not to mention the wonderful community I have gained and the spiritual healing of yoga. Yoga has helped me through many stressful and dark times and I hope to bring that peace to my students! See you on the mat. Namaste



Alignment Correction
Strength Training

I walked into my very First Yoga class in my early twenties and still remember it like it was yesterday. There are so many reasons that led me down this Yoga journey, but ultimately I truly and foremost wanted to learn how to heal body, myself and find balance. I know for me YOGA served as a healthy holistic vessel in my own personal life, it taught me to listen to my body, it told me to honor my body and to take care of it because it’s our only temple after all. I knew there was something special in this practice and there was peace. I wanted to explore more and more, and share it with my husband, children, and loved ones, really anyone who would cared to listen, lol. So, I decided and became certified in 2012, opened up my own little Yoga Studio, later sold it and have been personally leading classes even since. I would say, I’m a happier mommy, wifey, friend and a more importantly a mindful human being. Now, all I need is a little bit of coffee, a little bit of Yoga and a whole lot of Jesus




I started my yoga journey a year and a half ago when I became a mom for the first time. I showed up to Mama and Me looking for a workout but more importantly, community. I found exactly that and so I kept coming back every week despite the effort it took to get out the door with a baby and snacks, toys, diapers, etc. I couldn't pass up how good it felt every time I left a class. I fell in love with yoga. With how good I felt mentally and physically. I was never a fitness freak but I was a fan of FEELING good. I did the YTT because I felt it was important to share this love with as many people as I could. I'm so honored to share with others this practice that has taught me so much and kept me sane and healthy this past year and a half.


Strength Training

I have always realized the importance of physical activity in my life but it was only after stress and anxiety attacks began to take over my life that I truly found myself in yoga. By reconnecting to my practice a little over four years ago, I quickly learned the amazing healing effects that yoga has on my mind and body. With that I was able to release a lot of the stress and anxiety to make space for the peace and courage I needed. I truly feel that yoga changed my life and I now want to share that same experience with others. In my classes, I offer students a safe space to explore and discover that healing awareness while always maintaining a fun and light hearted atmosphere as well.



Labor Prep
Lactation Education

As a young girl, my dad introduced me to yoga. He would take us to the park and practice yoga while we played. I came into my own practice as an adult
to reduce stress and keep fit. When I became a birth doula I noticed how helpful breathing, meditating and stretching was for my clients so I decided to go through the teacher training. I'm contantly amazed at how yoga can help people with many ailments. I love teaching my students how to support themselves through many phases of their lives whether it's going through stressful times or having their babies.



Philosophy & Meditation
Strength training

I began practicing yoga in 2004, Bikram, hot yoga, called my name for all the physical reasons of detoxing and getting fit! I had my first child 2 years later and was drawn back to my mat for the mental and emotional benefits of breathing, building my patience, and learned very quickly that taking care of myself must be a priority. Taking time on my mat supported me in being a better Mama and human being. I took my first teacher training in 2011 and began teaching right away with a passion to teach yoga to anyone I could. I enjoy teaching creative vinyasa flows to fun music to both energize and ground the class. Also a lover of sculpt yoga to create a fun safe environment for people craving a little more sweat and toning. But even when teaching knowing that I am first a student, I love learning and engaging with my class enjoying the journey and every step of the way.




When I learned I had osteoarthritis in my knee, I had to stop doing what I truly love the most, and that was my passion for running. Yoga was a way to manage osteoarthritis and the pain that goes along with it. I have been my own advocate for my body and health. I am always a student of my body. Becoming a yoga instructor was a natural and transitional path for me, and it has opened my heart to another level of mind, body experience. I am reminded everyday of gratitude for my health! I am thankful for yoga and the relief I have received from the pain and discomfort I experienced. I am passionate about teaching students to move in their own practice with breath, ease, confidence, and patience. Yoga has taught me these things that I can fully apply to my everyday life. I am excited for students to allow me to teach with compassion in a nurturing, safe way. I really am passionate about what yoga can do for you!