Please note the schedule listed is subject to change. Visit MindBodyOnline to see our most updated schedule. 


6am               Rise & Shine Yoga* w/ Hannah

(pre-registration by 5am required)

9am               Vinyasa Flow 1* w/ Jordan

5:45pm         Strength & Mobility Yoga  (PF)  w/ Michelle

7:15pm         Yoga Sculpt* w/ Diana

8:30pm          Vinyasa Flow 1* w/ Marcie



8:30am         Morning Meditation (Free)

9am               Precision Yoga w/ Justin

11am             Mama & Me w/ Katherine

5:45pm          Vinyasa Flow 1 (PF)*  w/ Norma

7pm         Prenatal Yoga* w/ Juanita

8:15pm         Strength & Mobility Yoga  w/ Ashley


8:30am         Morning Meditation (Free)

9am               Strength & Mobility Yoga w/ Michelle

11am             Mama & Me w/ Michelle

5:45pm         Mindful Yoga (PF)* w/ Ashley

7pm              Vinyasa Flow 1* w/ Ashley

8:15pm          Mobility Yoga w/ Aileen



9am               Yoga Sculpt* w/ Ashley

11am             Maia Mamas (1st & 3rd of the month)

5:45pm          Precision Yoga (PF) w/ Justin


6am               Rise & Shine Yoga* w/ Hannah

(pre-registration by 5am required)

8:30am         Morning Meditation (Free)

9am               Vinyasa Flow 1* w/ Katherine

5:45pm        Vinyasa Flow 2 (PF) w/ Michelle

7:15pm         Mindful Yoga* w/ Erika

8:30pm         Restorative Yoga*  w/ Juanita



7:45am        Rise & Shine Yoga* w/ Rozanne

(pre-registration by 5am required)

9:00am          Vinyasa Flow 1  (PF)* w/ Sarah

10:15am        Vinyasa Flow 2  w/ Ashley


7:45am         Mindful Yoga* w/ Erika


 (PF) People's Flow donation-based yoga

*60 minutes classes