Meditations is defined as...

presence, connection, mindfulness, awareness, reflection, contemplation, pure consciousness, union, and when we are in this state it leads to ultimate bliss.

Research shows physiological and psychological changes take place when we meditate, causing an actual shift in the brain and in the involuntary processes of the body.

At the very least, meditation slows us down reducing our stress levels and increasing our emotional, mental, & spiritual well-being. 

Ourmeditation classes are for all levels offering a varieties of ways to meditate. From seated to recline postures and from practicing pranayama, eye gazing, visualization and imagery, mantras to guided meditation. 

Monday 8:30am-8:55am Morning Meditation  FREE

Tuesday8:30am-8:55am Morning Meditation  FREE

Wednesday 8:30am-8:55am Morning Meditation  FREE

Wednesdays 6:45pm Sunset Flow & Meditation

Thursday 8:30am-8:55am Morning Meditation  FREE

Monday-Friday 8:30am-8:55am Morning Meditation  FREE

Sundays 7:30am-8:45am Sunrise Flow & Meditation