United Yoga Studio

March Special

  • Go to 10 classes, get 15% off your next bundle or membership options

  • Go to 20 classes, get 30% off your next bundle or membership options

*Meditation classes do not count, classes do not need to be taken consecutively, and classes can be taken back to back.

"This teacher training has greatly deepened my understanding of the practice, both physically and spiritually. Its a wonderful blend of left and right brain information, the spiritual and the scientific. As a yoga teacher I want to be able to offer my students a deeply enriching experience that is also keeping them safe and healthy."



Yoga Teacher Training

April 7th - June 10th

Seva Scholarship Available 

  • Get 50% off regular tuition ($1,100 savings)

  • Work trade of 110 hours

  • Studio management includes but not limited to teacher training assistance, member relations, studio cleaning, and social media.

  • Contact us for more info namaste@unitedyogastudio.com

Monthly Mantra

"What I am looking for is within me, Your grace is sufficient for me"

This month we are focusing on forward folds. These are not the most popular poses that you'll see people snapping photos in but they are vital for spinal health, stretching & strengthening the thighs, and releasing tension. Like all yoga postures, folding forward is more than physical. It requires you to coil the body towards itself to look within. Perhaps this is the hardest part. Often we are too scared or proud to look inside ourselves. If we did, maybe we would stop searching for fulfillment in our relationships, professions, finances, and roles. When we look within, when we face our deepest fears and biggest weaknesses then are we truly awakened. In this space, the real transformation happens. Suddenly, our circumstances, the world, and people around us are not the issue. Enter grace. Enter compassion. Enter forgiveness. Enter perspective. Enter clarity. Enter consciousness. It is said, "You cannot change what is going on around you, until you change what is going on within you."